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Some Symbolic Sacred Items

Shepherd's Rod and Staff – This symbolizes the divine authority and virtue of the office of the shepherd.  That is, Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

Bell – The bell is used to at the beginning of the service to call members to worship, at the end of the service or according to spiritual instructions.

Lothar – The Lothar is a vessel used in the church.  It symbolizes the holy state of man before God in worship and contains water and flowers.  The flowers beautify the church and symbolize peace, love and joy, which are kept alive by the water of life.

Taria – This is a vessel used in the church.  It symbolizes the circle of divinity within which man places himself in worship before God.  The lothar stands in it, amid grains, which are symbolic of the grace of God.

Glass – with water – symbolizes the pure river of water coming from the throne of God.  It is also a receptacle for flowers or bushes representing the tree of life in the midst of that river.

Calabash – This is the first and original vessel made by God’s own hands.  It also contains water and flowers to beautify the church.

Candles and Candlestick – The candlestick symbolizes the Baptist Church, and the candles, the spirit of the church.  The candlestick holds the candles which provide the light.  The light is symbolic of the Light of the world – Jesus.

Incense – This provides a sweet aroma that symbolizes the prayer of faithful.  The rising of the smoke represents the rising of the prayers of the faithful to God.

Flowers – Flowers are God’s handiwork and are used to decorate the altar, center pole and corners of the church.  These represent man’s first habitat, the Garden of Eden, and symbolize the beauty, frailty and brevity of life.

Water – Water is used for washing, consecrating, cleansing and drinking.  These uses are practical, symbolic and spiritual.

Oil – As in the Bible, oil is used for anointing, for healing and blessing.  Anointing has great spiritual significance and is used to make things holy.

Centre Pole – This is the central point of the church where members’ prayers are offered.  It symbolizes Jesus as the central point of worship.  The physical pole, which is not generally present in churches today, also symbolizes the connection between earth and heaven.  This connection is maintained by prayer.

Altar - The altar is the highest level in the church, and is the symbol of belief, prayer, praise and worship.  It is also the place of mercy where God meets with his servants and answers their prayers.  The altar is adorned with vessels, flowers, candlesticks and candles.