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Our History

To help you, our vistors, understand our faith we present a summary of our origins, beliefs and practices.

  1. Our Origins - Ours is a unique religion, comprising elements of both Protestant Christianity and African doctrines and rituals.
  2. Colonial Prohibition of the Practice of our Faith - From 1917 to 1951 the Spiritual/Shouter Baptist faith was banned in Trinidad by the colonial government of the day. Although not said openly, the real reason for the antagonism towards the Baptists was that many of their practices were of African origin.
  3. Our Guiding Beliefs - Spiritual Baptists are defined by their belief in the guidance and indwelling of the Holy Spirit
  4. Some Important Practices - Baptism, Mourning, Pilgrimages, and Commemoration of the Dead are among the many practices of the Spiritual Baptists
  5. Important Symbols include water, oil, the sheperds rod and staff amongst many other symbols.

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